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Image by Doug Linstedt

About Us

Partner companies and organizations

  • Maya AOFT Israel, Ltd

  • City of Ise, Nigeria

  • African Development Bank

  • United Bank for Africa, Plc.

  • State government of Lagos Nigeria

  • SCPZ of Nigerian Department of Agriculture

  • ERGP of Nigerian Economic Development Government Organization

The Management Team

Jonathan Handrus

Jonathan Handrus

Technology (Co-Founder)

Over 30 years of experience in aquaculture, from intensive closed systems to offshore marine fish farming

Pius Nobei

Pius Nobei

Nigerian Affairs (Co-Founder)

High-level manager in Nigerian Companies for over 30 years before co-founding Aqua Criadero

Biology: Breeding, Disease control, Sustainability

  • The right breeding of the fish is essential to produce fast growing healthy fish

  • Disease control and testing is necessary in today’s world to farm fish properly

  • Feeding and growing fish with sustainable ingredients is the future of Aquaculture

Social Responsibility

This scale of project development must be done in a socially responsible manner in order to succeed and be accepted by the people. 

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